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How We Dribble Responsibly

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Because we're a small business, we work on a small scale. Our actions are small, but maybe that'll mean our harmful impact is small. We love what we do, and want to keep doing it for a long time. We try to be eco-conscious with every aspect of our business, and wanted to share what we do. We want our customers, and our friends to know a little more about us!

Our Work Space

Anthony's commute is the shortest; he walks about 10 feet from the bedroom to his office. His carbon footprint there is the size of a butterfly's. Jenny takes a little longer; she walks down the stairs and out to the garage. We have previously looked into a premises separate from our home; but we've purposely stayed put. Until we physically don't have enough space to work in from home, we'll keep working here. We save on transport pollution, we only have the one heating and electricity bill; and avoid just all the other impacts of occupying more space.

Our Materials

Larch Wood from our Local Supplier

We make small batch orders with small batch wood. When we need more wood, we nip half a mile round the corner to Raymond who hooks us up. No-one is ransacking the Amazon Forest and stockpiling half of the world's timber. We buy what we need from local sources, who cut it locally in local woods. It's a little more expensive for us, but it feels better than deforestation.

Any other materials we need, we try to buy local, or from small businesses that are eco-conscious too. We've got a great little network now of some really cool people who are doing incredible things saving the planet.

Our greeting cards and business cards are all made from recycled paper too. We don't routinely include any paperwork with orders, unless requested, to save on printing and paper. Everything is electronic, so there's always a copy!

Our Waste

We have so little waste, that we don't avail of the government issued business waste bins; we don't need 'em!

We save up all our off-cuts of wood to use to heat our house; but we don't have much, so it takes a long time. Since the wood we use is such good quality, there's so few bits that we discard; and since we small-batch-make, we always use what we cut.

Since we keep our style consistent and simple, we don't use a huge range of wood finishes. Of those finishes, we use natural oils, so less pollutant. And since we use such a small range, there's a lot less wastage.

One of Our New Notebooks

Our Delivery

With packaging, any bubble wrap we use, we get from Raymond (our wood fella), who has himself used it secondhand from a supplier of his. He keeps it aside for us, and when we need to, we use it as sparingly as possible. All our other packaging is recyclable and no plastic when we can avoid it. We use a lot of cardboard, which we repurpose from the Diy store round the corner from us.

When it comes to sending larger packages, we offer our customers the option to send items un-assembled. It means a little work for them, depending on what the order is...but it means we can make the actual packages lot smaller; saving them on shipping costs, saving us on packaging materials, and saving space during transit.

Our Future

We know we can always be doing more; and it's exciting to find new ways of doing things that mean we can get our work out there safely in the world. We've been working with the Charity, 'Trees on the Land', we've been raising money with a bespoke product range that donates from the profits to fund tree planting on the Isle of Ireland. We want to try and add to the solution, and not just slow the damage. We want to keep sharing what we're doing, and be a positive influence in the World.

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