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Lord of the Rings & Your Wedding Decor

Updated: May 12, 2019

Why We Started Making Them

We made our first Lord of the Rings themed wedding for an absolutely magical couple in Hawaii. They asked us to make something that would be rustic and themed, but nothing too kitsch or naff. We like to keep things simple, and let the wood speak for itself. So we knocked some signposts together and got some log slices out of the store. We used our popular Tolkien style font, and bingo bango... ready to go!

When we first started these, we were doing everything by hand...all the pyrography (wood burning). We were making so many of these that my ordinary everyday handwriting would sometimes slip into this font! Then last year, we got our laser, and it meant we could make everything better; make them more quickly, more detailed, deeper, cheaper for the customer, and with more personalising!

What We Offer Now

Now that we have our laser, we make a whole range of wedding decor that can be personalised easily and looks impressive yet subtle and rustic!

We still have our bestselling table signs but we do so much more. And it blows my mind the amount of folk our there who feature Tolkien's world in their special day. The Lord of the Rings has something to say to everyone; but the enduring motif I think that lingers is friendship and togetherness. Cheesy it may be, but so be it. So I think that's why a lot of people like it as a wedding theme. Or maybe people just like to feel like they're in The Shire for one day; dancing around the party tree in their bare feet...eating, drinking and being merry.

Rustic Wedding Table Name with Lord of the Rings The One Ring Pyrography Wood Burned
Lord of the Rings Table Names


Lord of the Rings

Some people just get a Sweetheart Table Sign...others go for hundreds of Lorien Leaf Place Settings and Room Decor for 300 guests. Whatever size of wedding we get, we can do it. W