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The Most Difficult Decision Of The Year...What To Buy For Father's Day

Updated: Jun 6

Quirky and Alternative Gifts for Father's Day

I never know what to get my Dad...most of the time it's some ridiculous tool that he'll either never use, or he's already got three of. A bottle of whiskey's always decent, but I do like to save that one for a birthday (because if there's a party, normally he'll open it and I'll get a dram too).

So if you're anything like me, you need ideas! We have a bunch of stuff that he definitely won't have from anywhere else, because we make everything ourselves. And even if your Dad is into some hobby that's totally obscure and no-one has ever heard of; well, we do custom work! So we can make you a memory box for his envelope collection, or signs for his taxidermy display...any other odd thing he's into!

So What Have We Got?

Has your Dad joined the legions of New-Garden-Pub-Landlords?

Since the world went mad, every other fella in the street seems to have a home-bar now don't they? Do people actually use them? Does anyone have the time to maintain the keg pumps and keep away the bar flies? I don't know, but they look cool and I want one too.

We've literally made hundreds of these Personalised Bar Signs. Some folk have really funny names... my favourite was, 'The Stagger Inn'. There have been a ton of 'Lockdown Inns' and a lot of 'Cabins' named after wives, but that 'Stagger Inn' is tippety top for me.

If my Dad had built a bar this would be my choice of gift this year... it's personal and looks a lot more expensive and thoughtful than it really is. And it comes with optional matching coasters too. One maybe for you to use with your free 'thank you' drink?!