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The Most Difficult Decision Of The Year...What To Buy For Father's Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Quirky and Alternative Gifts for Father's Day

I never know what to get my Dad...most of the time it's some ridiculous tool that he'll either never use, or he's already got three of. A bottle of whiskey's always decent, but I do like to save that one for a birthday (because if there's a party, normally he'll open it and I'll get a dram too).

So if you're anything like me, you need ideas! We have a bunch of stuff that he definitely won't have from anywhere else, because we make everything ourselves. And even if your Dad is into some hobby that's totally obscure and no-one has ever heard of; well, we do custom work! So we can make you a memory box for his envelope collection, or signs for his taxidermy display...any other odd thing he's into!


So What Have We Got?

Has your Dad joined the legions of New-Garden-Pub-Landlords?

Since the world went mad, every other fella in the street seems to have a home-bar now don't they? Do people actually use them? Does anyone have the time to maintain the keg pumps and keep away the bar flies? I don't know, but they look cool and I want one too.

We've literally made hundreds of these Personalised Bar Signs. Some folk have really funny names... my favourite was, 'The Stagger Inn'. There have been a ton of 'Lockdown Inns' and a lot of 'Cabins' named after wives, but that 'Stagger Inn' is tippety top for me.

If my Dad had built a bar this would be my choice of gift this year... it's personal and looks a lot more expensive and thoughtful than it really is. And it comes with optional matching coasters too. One maybe for you to use with your free 'thank you' drink?!


Say Cheeeeese

Although there's a big part of me that wants to avoid putting an old man together with lots of stinky cheese and letting nature take it's inevitable farty-course... there's no denying that a cheese board and some accompanying charcuterie is an awesome gift.

We've made these simple little personalised boards, that are easy enough on the pocket that you should have some money left over to get a few bits of brie and prosciutto to go along with it.


All Dressed Up & Maybe Somewhere To Go?

Life has been a lot smaller this past year hasn't it? We got dressed up at Halloween last year and sat in the living room just the two of us. And we were both asleep by 10pm. And that was the biggest party of 2020 for us. But it feels good for things to be changing... I personally feel more excitement and appreciation for small events; I put more effort into dressing up now to see my Granny than I would've done for going to a wedding a few years ago.

We're hugely proud of our big range of cufflinks, we dare you to try and not find something your Dad would like. Even if he's still only wearing them to go to the downstairs loo, it's feels good to have occasion-wear... to feel excited about having something that little bit special.


Whiskey In the Jar

If you're going to go for the old faithful 'bottle of whiskey', good on you. Stick to what you know. But how about jazzing it up with one of our wooden drink boxes? We have a range of unique designs, one sure to suit your Dad. And afterwards they are cool enough to keep displayed. We have ready-to-ship, and personalised options too.


Carlsberg Don't Do Bottle Openers...

Or if your Dad's more of a beer man, how about one of our bottle openers?

We have a George Best design that's hugely popular with Man United Football supporters and Northern Ireland Football fans...

Or maybe your Dad is a movie buff. One of my Dad's favourite films of all time is Jaws. So we've made it. 'Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women' is a line that just cracks him up!


'Bear' Walls?...Get Him Some Art!

If your Dad is into nature, we have a whole range of cool animals burned onto wood. They look amazing hanging on any wall, and are a perfect price for a Father's Day gift.

We have a huge range of ready-to-buy panel art... some really cool art that even the grumpiest of old men can appreciate. And with it all being hand-made, everything we make feels that little bit more special and unique... without you having to do anything extra.

Retro Guinness Panel Art

Tiny Gift...Big Hug

Spending a small amount on your Dad for Father's Day is certainly no is a made up holiday after all. So those of you who've wised up to this fact, but still want to give your Dad a small token of your love for him...we've got you covered.

We have keyrings, coasters, quirky cards, pin badges, bookmarks and tons of other lovely gifts.

If you don't find something for your Dad on our Website, you just haven't looked at everything! And with free UK shipping and a quick turnaround, we've you got sorted.

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