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Turn Your Home Into A Hobbit Hole

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

..."In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit" .............J. R. R. Tolkien

Ever wanted to live in Bagend? Couldn't find a house in your neighbourhood that was a hole in the ground? Well while you're waiting for your home with a little green door, here's a bunch of decor ideas to spruce up your house to make it fit for a Hobbit.

The Dribbly Yak Company has a huge range of all handmade wooden decor ideas; from big chunky coffee tables, to tiny delicate Christmas tree ornaments. We hand make everything we sell, and we incorporate a sustainable eco-conscious ethos into everything we do. So you'll know you'll get getting something that's been made with care and consideration, that can last until your Eleventy First Birthday.

The Tables

These tables are sure to make a bold statement in any room. You'll find yourself looking at it for ages, and realising the scope of the world that Tolkien built. We handburn all our tables, and offer free customising with your favourite quote or message, engraved onto the table.

Each piece is made of solid wood, and range from dark and rustic structured tables to live-edge one-of-a-kinds. We release new furniture pieces throughout the year; once they're gone they're gone though, so be sure to contact us to be included on our waiting list if you're interested (there's no obligation to buy, so do give us a shout) as demand is high and we they are limited supply. We also have large one-offs too; these are burned on unique pieces of wood that all have special stories and come from a local sawmill.

Wall Art

By a clean mile, the most popular sign for any Tolkien fan is the 'No Admittance Except on Party Business' sign. Hang it inside, or outdoor, we make our work fit to last. With over 300 sold last year alone, that's a lot of parties happening!

All our wood is hand cut and made rustic using our signature edge style. Finished with natural oils and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging.

"Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink the whole town dry, But you'll never find a beer so brown, As the one we drink in our hometown,
You can drink your fancy ales, You can drink them by the flagon, But the only brew for the brave and true... ..Comes from the Green Dragon!"

Tribute Song to The Green Dragon Inn

Our hand painted signs are available on rustic log slices and freestanding signs too. Some folk use these as accent pieces at weddings, then keep them in their homes afterwards.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We have a fun and quirky range of light and shower pulls. These are a universal fit for all existing fixtures and serve well for those with dexterity issues or for littler hands (Hobbits or Children, whichever's in your house).

Our rustic wooden mugs are also personalisable, so can make a great gift idea. Handy for camping trips too.

Alongside our permanent stock of chopping boards, we do have a waiting list for our unique live edge boards. We take care to strip all bark as this is more hygienic and makes it fit for food use. Get in touch if you'd like to be included on the live edge chopping board list. They sell fast, but are well worth it as they're a statement piece that will last for years.

A wall mounted bottle opener fit for the King of Gondor.

All our products always come with all the fixings and wee bits you see in the photos; you don't have to go scrambling about for screws, we send you everything you need. No beer though. That's on you.

Or maybe you want to give some whiskey to a pal, but want to make it really special?

Our handmade wooden keepsake whiskey boxes make a great gift...and saves on the wrapping too.

And what do you after you've opened your whiskey? You sit down on your comfiest seat, blow a few smoke rings and think about what you'll have for second breakfast. But wait! Where do you set your tankard? Your favourite table could get ruined! Don't worry, we've got you covered... we have a lot of different styles, we even have Christmas ones.

And they are all finished with our signature natural oils, so have that amazing wood smell that lingers in your home.

Christmas Baubles

Lord of the Rings Light Box Tolkien Gift Wood Engraving Laser Rustic Pyrography Night Light
Doors of Durin Light Box

Brighten up your home with our handmade light boxes! They are just so cute I could pass out, and come with usable string lights. They look good during the day as well as at night! As a quirky night light, these light boxes make a cute addition to any room.

We could yabber on about all the things we have on the website, but it's easier for you to just look!

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