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Turn Your Home Into A Hobbit Hole

..."In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit" .............J. R. R. Tolkien

Ever wanted to live in Bagend? Couldn't find a house in your neighbourhood that was a hole in the ground? Well while you're waiting for your home with a little green door, here's a bunch of decor ideas to spruce up your house to make it fit for a Hobbit!

The Dribbly Yak Company has a huge range of all handmade wooden decor ideas; from big chunky coffee tables, to tiny delicate Christmas tree ornaments. And because we make everything to order, everything can be personalised and changed to suit you exactly!

The Tables

These tables are sure to make a bold statement in any room. You'll find yourself looking at it for ages, and realising the scope of the world that Tolkien built! We handburn all our tables, and offer free customising with your favourite quote or message, engraved onto the table.

Each piece is made of solid wood, and range from dark and rustic tables to bright blanket boxes. Check out the website to see more of what we have, ready to buy now.

Get Yo' Cosy On!

By a clean mile, the most popular sign for any Tolkien fan, is the No Admittance Except on Party Business sign. Hang it inside, or outdoor, we make our work fit to last! After all, we do live in Ireland, and it's not exactly the driest place; so everything from our hats to our work has to be waterproof!