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Unusual & Awesome Coffee Tables

We think coffee tables shouldn't be just something that you put your mug or your feet on. We think they should be a personal piece of art, that reflects who you are and what you love. A big ask from a piece of furniture? Maybe... but we make coffee tables that try their darnedest to live up to this.

"Collect Things You Love, That Are Authentic To You & Your House Becomes Your Story" ....................Erin Flett, Designer

The Designs

We specialise in fantasy themes, but we aren't a one trick pony. We also do custom designs. Recently, we've been doing a lot of World War 2 Military Insignia trunks, which are a super cool way to store memorabilia from a loved one. But I'm getting distracted, I was talking about the designs.

So every trunk we do is made without stencils, or tracing. Everything is hand drawn and hand burned. Which is great, because it means we can customise everything.

A lot of our tables are Lord of the Rings themed; Tolkien has been such an inspiration to so many people, and to us. It's a joy to work in his world and to help others bring it into their home.

We aren't daft to the cost of our tables. They are more expensive than your run of the mill Ikea furniture. But we really do see these as much more than just a table. And when you spend days hunched over the table top, spending hours clutching the burner and working on fine details, you can't help but put a lot of yourself into these tables. We feel connected to the people that buy our work...

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