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Who's The Dribbly Yak?

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

That's me. I'm Jenny. That's a photo taken in July, on one of our famous sunny summer days in Ireland. We don't get many tans round here.

I started The Dribbly Yak Company back in 2015, with no real intention or expectation that it would become what it has today. This has been an unreal journey, that's been so exciting, but oddly peaceful. I live in a bubble of burning and of lovely people.

That's not to say it's not been hard work. I work long days, and even longer weeks. I forget what annual leave looks like. But I wouldn't change it.

Back in 2015, both myself and Anthony, my boyfriend, were working in offices, and just on the side were doing creative things; he was a Graphic Designer, and I was meandering around picking up ideas and trying them out. Both of us had a desire to do more, to have more freedom and be creative. So we just did it. We both left our jobs in the same week as eachother and just went for it.

Anthony's path was easy, he had been a Graphic Designer for a big company for years; so he became a Freelance Graphic Designer.

My path was a bit wonkier. I knew I liked building things; I had always said when I was young that I wanted to be a Builder when I grew up. But other than that, I didn't have much direction. I came from a family of Wood Burners (that's people who practice the art of pyrography, not the stoves found in your living room), so I thought I might try that. So I made a coffee table, burned a design on it, and really quickly it sold. So I took the idea and ran with it.

I work out of our garage mostly, making coffee tables and doing wedding decor, but sometimes come inside and use the spare room when it gets a bit chilly, which is quite often (see photo above of me in July). I sell in local shops here in Ireland, and do some corporate jobs too. But it's not what I do so much, as the way I do it.

We live simply, but adventurously, if that makes sense. If we see a break in the week, we'll go on an adventure. But we'll also be content by working hard all week.

So now I've just started my own website. It's the next step to the next adventure. Up until now I've been pretty reserved with my presence online; I've never had a blog or had a YouTube channel, but I'm pushing myself out of my burning bubble and want people to get to know me. I've met some fantastic people through my work, some of whom I've done very personal work for. And now I think it's important for people to see who I am.

The idea of working for myself was as daunting as writing this first blog. I started out sitting comfortably on the sofa with a cup of tea and watching tv... and I finish it here with very messy hair, the tv on mute and sitting on the floor reciting each line over and over. Self employment got easier with time, so I hope to the heavens that writing does too. The ground is pretty uncomfortable after sitting on it for a while.

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