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Celtic Dragonfly Pin

Celtic Dragonfly Pin

£4.50 Regular Price
£1.45Sale Price

Even the less-than-perfect pieces of wood want love too. Can you give this wee misfit a home?



A lot of thought goes into each design, which includes how the design works with wood grain. We obviously weren't on top of our game on the day we made these, as the grain is opposite to how it works best. 

Don't worry, the design still looks the same and it's still a wonderful pin, it only means you have to pay a tiny wee bit more attention to the care of it as it won't have the same amount of resilience as normal. 


We take our unique design and laser burn & cut them from sustainably sourced wood . We finish all our work with natural oils... to bring out the beautiful wood grain, and give it a delicious and heady wooden smell.

As these are made from real wood, each item will have it's own awesome wood grain pattern.


No returns on sale items


Fixes with butterfly clasp on the rear. Comes on a display card

  • Dimensions

    3cm x 2.5cm

    Cut from 3mm plywood

    If you'd like to see if we can do this, or something else, in a different size, please do send us a message using our contact form on the homepage.

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