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Hand Carved Personalised Wands

Hand Carved Personalised Wands


Introducing our Hand Carved Personalised Wands! made here in our  workshop of Wizardry.


Our wands are special as they will be engraved with the name of the Witch or Wizard that shall receive the wand.  


Shapes and Sizes

Each wand is carefully selected and carved into its own unique shape, some bend, some curl but they all contain the same amount of magic.


As the wands are all different shapes, please embrace the nature of the wood from which they are carved...remember the wand chooses the Witch or Wizard, they do not choose the wand!


All our wands are approximately 14" in size and come with a certificate of Magical Authenticity!



Theres is also the opportunity to add one of our unique wooden boxes at checkout, these have also been made here in our workshop by house elves.


Wands have been sealed with Danish oil to give them a long lasting life.



At the moment we are taking pre-orders and they will be shipped at the start of November, we only have 50 to offer before Christmas ( this may change!). Order now to avoid disappointment.

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