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Assorted Mugs

Assorted Mugs

£19.50 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price

Even the less-than-perfect pieces of wood want love too. Can you give this wee misfit a home?



These are mugs are in various states of misfittery. Some have small cracks... some are coarse sanded and left unfinished... some have mis-burns on them... some have a little bit of everything going on. But all have the potential to be beautiful! This is a perfect bargain for a crafty person. A little bit of elbow grease can turn these mugs into works of art. It'll be a lucky dip as to which one you'll get, we can't take requests at this time for which mug is sent


Care instructions for all our wood is on our website. We recommend reading this before using or working on your mug


No return on sale items

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