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Adding to our collection of our Lord of the Rings inspired wedding packages, these are the second style of Table Signs we have on offer.



Based on the One Ring, this plywood table sign is a great addition to a wedding. It includes the Elvish script of the Ring subtly, and the locations can be personalised to your favourite places in Middle Earth. 


These are a more budget friendly alternative to our best selling chunky wood signs. You can see these using the link below, including all our other bits and pieces for a Lord of the Rings wedding.



Size of the Ring...18cm x 8cm x 3mm

Comes with an attached 8cm length of wood for easy fixing into a plant, flowers or whatever other type of decor you might have on your table...and we make them light so they are easy to keep upright!



When ordering, we find it easier for you to just order the amount of signs you need, and in the personalisation section on the right, include the locations you need for each table sign. For example, say you need 8 table signs...

e.g. Hobbiton, Erebor, Gondor, Rivendell, The Shire, Moria, Dol Guldur & Mordor. 

Go nuts with the locations, we can do any of them for you! You don't have to just use Middle Earth locations either; we can put your surname onto the sign, or you can use them as signposts for your guestbook, or as a cake topper!


These signs can be used inside or outside. They are finished with natural oils for UV, water and heat protection.


If you are planning to order multiple items; like place settings, guestbook signs, table plans (things like that), message us beforehand, so we can give you a great price on the shipping!




Please note that as these are made from a natural wood material, each item will have varying wood grain.


As this is a natural element within the wood, we cannot refund or replace items due to the wood grain itself.

The One Ring table sign (Lord of the Rings)

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